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Karl Huber

+43 (0)55 74 / 202 - 2020

Foreword + History

Foreword + History

The Vorarlberg Health Monitoring & Prevention Program (VHM&PP) is one of the largest health care databases worldwide. Already in the middle of the sixties prevention programs have been established to improve public health in Vorarlberg.

Since then diverse  preventive interventions have been initiated and data by a large part of the inhabitants Vorarlberg were systematically collected. The health examination, a secondary prevention program to prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer, forms the core of the Vorarlberg database. This program included a physical examination, an interview and blood tests. Cancer prevention programs (cervical, breast, skin and colorectal cancer) and programs for specific target Groups (children, women, and older persons) have been performed.

The high quality of the Vorarlberg cancer registry the mortality data completes this unique database.

By timely evaluation of the quality and outcome of the programs the Vorarlberg Population benefits directly from the health database.


Besides national reports, these data  were shared with many researchers e.g. from Cambridge, Boston, Utrecht and Malmö. The Research Output from Analysis of the longitudinal database has been considerably increasing during the last ten years. Changes of the classical cardiovascular risk factor such as overweight and diabetes mellitus were monitored and their influence on cancer risk and mortality was investigated. In the past years, the database was enriched by enviromental exposures measurements and additional health outcome such as hip fractures.

With the support of collaborators and funding we hope to preserve and further develop the database for the future.




Dr. Hans Concin, Dr. Gabriele Nagel and Dr. Hanno Ulmer







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